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Headlines from DZN

IFL 2017 Week Five Power Rankings
Jack Smith - December 5, 2017
We had some big matchups this week with playoff spots on the line. Great of Strength still has that "just win, baby" attitude.

Risk Assessment: Weeks 1-4
IFL News Network - November 30, 2017
In a good fight, there are times when people choose to take a risk. Sometimes, it's to be unpredictable...

IFL 2017 Week Four Power Rankings
Jack Smith - November 29, 2017
Chae Dynasty reclaim the Number One spot in our Rankings with a commanding win over Great of Strength. We have reached midseason, and there is still plenty of dueling left, so no team should rest on their laurels just yet.

Headlines from Rings of Honor

The Winter All Ranks Tournament is here!
Just in time to go with our magical Yuletide gift! The Winter All Ranks tournament is ready for DoM duelists of all ranks to come out and show us what they got! Sign up early and show up early to recieve your one free Win over Loss! Check the main post for more details and most importantly... Happy Yule!
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DoM Yuletide Loss Forgiveness!
Starting tonight and running through the last day of the year, all losses in Duel of Magic are forgiven! Come out and get active for the upcoming All Ranks Tournament or treat your record to a little Yuletide cheer. New or old, all are welcome on Twilight Isle!
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Blue-Bearded She-Dwarf Wins Talon of Redwin!
The latest winner of the Talon of Redwin is Kaylin Uderhart Rumblegutter! The female dwarf and her blue beard came out on top of the recent 4-person tournament to take the award for the cycle!
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Fall Talon of Redwin Tournament Announced!
On Sunday, November 26 at 9pm by the Eastern Clock, the Arena will host the Talon of Redwin tournament! Signups are open now!
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