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Ms. Awesome
Kalamere Ar'Din vs. Melanie Rostol for ShadoWeaver
Event Date: 10/14/13 - Venue: DoF
Bet ConditionWagerOddsResultPendingRefundedWinningsLosses
1a Kalamere to beat Melanie in 2 straight bouts1002.5:1False000 100
5b Candy shows up to beat up (STC) Candy 250.5:1False000 25
5a (STC) Candy shows up to cheer for Kal250.2:1False000 25
5c Napoleon shows up to cheer for Kalamere and gives away spectator points1000.2:1True00120 0
1b Kalamere to win1001:1True00200 0
Total Bet: 350
Adjusted Total Bet: 350 | Total Winnings: 320 ( a net loss of 30 )

Melanie Rostol vs. Vincent Smith for ShadoWeaver
Event Date: 09/27/13 - Venue: DoF
Bet ConditionWagerOddsResultPendingRefundedWinningsLosses
SW-Odds2: Vinny to win: 4:51000.8:1False000 100
Total Bet: 100
Adjusted Total Bet: 100 | Total Winnings: 0 ( a net loss of 100 )

Grand Total Bet: 450
Grand Total Refunded: 0
Grand Total Pending: 0

Adjusted Grand Total Bet: 450 (excluding refunded and pending)
Grand Total Winnings: 320 (original bet + profit) / 120 (just profit)
Grand Total Losses: 250
Overall Profit/Loss: a net loss of 130

Bet Condition: The specific bet being made. For example "Dueler X to win" or "Dueler X to Slash". If Dueler X wins (in the first example) the Bet Condition Result will be reported as true. If Dueler X did not Slash, the Bet Condition Result will be reported as false.

How Odds are used: X:Y where X = payout and Y equals the original bet. If a bet of 10 gold is placed, and the Odds are 0.2:1 (the 0.2 is used as the multiplier), and the result is "true", the profit from a 10 gold bet is 2 gold (10 * 0.2). If a bet of 10 gold is placed and the odds are 2:1 (multiplier is 2), and the result is "true", the profit would be 20 gold (10 * 2).

In the event of a "false" result, the bet amount is lost to the house/sponsor.

In the event of a "void" result, the bet is returned to the bettor as the condition could not be applied. For example, if the condition were "wins 2 duels, but loses 1, in a best-of-three match" and the challenge was settled in a single duel, any conditions that are applicable only to a best-of-three are voided.

Pending: refers to amounts that have been bet, for which the event has not happened, or the results of the event have not yet been entered.

Refunded: refers to bets that were "voided" out because the condition was not applicable. e.g. if a condition read "X to Win 2 straight duels (if best of three)" and the match was fought in a single duel format, the bet would be considered void.

Winnings: refers to the amount won by the bettor for a successful bet. ***Note, this amount includes the bettor's original bet amount. e.g. if a bet were placed for 100, and the odds were 1:1, the winnings would be displayed as 200 (100 as the original stake + 100 as the amount won).

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