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Baroness Jenia Aedroud Dead?
by Guy Savage
May 4, 2004

Baroness Jenia Aedroud has been reported slain, her body discovered mutiliated in a ring in the Arena. Her body was described as carved open in ritual fashion by an anonymous tip that came into DZN's offices late last week.

Jenia Aedroud
Jenia Aedroud
DoS officials have thus far denied that a dead body was discovered in the rings, or that Baroness Aedroud is dead, however the Baroness has not been seen since the 20th of April, when she was last seen arguing with Overlord Shakira.

While the DoS officials are denying anything is amiss, a box was delivered over the weekend to the DZN offices containing a severed finger and a human heart. Independent forensic testing has confirmed today that the finger and heart belonged to Baroness Aedroud.

The finger appears to have been the one upon which the Baroness wore her ring of station, but the signet ring was not included with the remains.

Jenia Aedroud is a recent arrival to the Arena, having only begun her career this past winter. Aedroud won her title after placing second during the Warlord Tourney which took place on March 7th of this year.

Jenia also dueled once in the TDL as a free agent for the Unmentionables.

She leaves behind no living relatives in Rhydin. Her deceased husband was Anandale Aedroud, founder of House Aedroud. Her only known living relative is her father, Lord Gahid Rellion, founder of House Rellion.