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IFL 2017 Week Five Power Rankings
Jack Smith - December 5, 2017
We had some big matchups this week with playoff spots on the line. Great of Strength still has that "just win, baby" attitude.

Risk Assessment: Weeks 1-4
IFL News Network - November 30, 2017
In a good fight, there are times when people choose to take a risk. Sometimes, it's to be unpredictable...

IFL 2017 Week Four Power Rankings
Jack Smith - November 29, 2017
Chae Dynasty reclaim the Number One spot in our Rankings with a commanding win over Great of Strength. We have reached midseason, and there is still plenty of dueling left, so no team should rest on their laurels just yet.

The Fashionist's Top 5 Best Dressed
IFL News Network - November 28, 2017
The time between spring's Beltane and late winter's Rhy'Din Fashion Week is usually a fashion wasteland. But this year, we here at The Fashionist have discovered a virtual treasure-trove of sartorial delights: The 2017 Iron Fists League.

IFL 2017 Week Three Power Rankings
Jack Smith - November 20, 2017
Bad is good! Sin is in! Up is Down and Down is Up! Guess who made Number One in our rankings this week?

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