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Dueling Zone Utilities & Calling Tools

Duel Arbiter

Link to the Duel Arbiter tool developed by DUEL Sai.

Duel Orbiter

Link to DUEL Joker's post about Duel Orbiter tool.

Link to download the Duel Orbiter tool in development by DUEL Joker.

Added 7/11/2017

Duel Magistrate

Link to the Duel Magistrate tool developed by Kalamere. Note: this tool is web-based.

Added 7/11/2017


Round Checkers

Reference table of two-letter codes used by the Round Checkers

Duel of SwordsDuel of FistsDuel of Magic
TH - Thrust
LC - Low Cut
HC - High Cut
SL - Slash
SH - Stop Hit
CP - Circular Parry
LP - Lateral Parry
SS - Sidestep
DU - Duck
DI - Disengage
JB - Jab
CH - Chop
HK - Hook
UC - Uppercut
FL - Flip
JK - Jumpkick
SK - Snapkick
LS - Legsweep
SP - Spinkick
AB - Armblock
LB - Legblock
DO - Dodge
DU - Duck
LP - Leap
MB - Magebolt
MW - Mind Whip
WB - Wizard Blades
FT - Fear Touch
FF - Foul Fog
AR - Armor
SH - Shield
DS - Displacement
MS - Meteor Shower
AB - Arctic Blast
RF - Reflection
GF - Ghostform
IM - Immolation
NR - Nether Ray
EF - Elemental Fury

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